Donation: People Dem Collective

Donation: People Dem Collective

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Please choose an option to donate to People Dem Collective who are a participating collective in the exhibition and the events programme for Change Everything

People Dem Collective is a registered CIC and community organisation based in Margate, Kent. Founded by members of the Black, Brown and *Diaspora communities.
*People of cultural heritage other than the place they were born.

 The collective was born out of a lived experience of lack of space, engagement and inclusion for these communities and a desire to encourage healing and transformation.

People Dem, is a Patois term colloquially meaning ‘them’.

​They facilitate systemic change, promote healing and continue the work of our ancestors by elevating the presence, work and visibility of people from Black, Brown and Diaspora communities. We focus on their inclusion, engagement and raising aspirations.

Their plan includes the development of a National Cultural Centre based in Margate. You can support their Crowdfunder for the project here.