About the depot_


We can think about making change and we can talk about making change, but actually doing it is another matter.

Until then it’s just an idea in our minds, and no one will ever see it.

And we often don’t give ourselves enough credit for having the ideas we do – as they pop up in our minds, it’s easier to talk ourselves out of them due to fear of failure, the unknown, and our social and environmental conditioning.

We really have to commit and do it. Committing and declaring it to the world is scary – ‘What will people think?’

We have to overcome fear, the unknown, and the lizard brain – what Steven Pressfield calls ‘the resistance’ – and it comes in many forms.

Sometimes we have to step forward and put our ideas out there into the world and say  – ‘Hey, we’ve made this – come have a look.’

This is brave, it may not work, but it’s really the only way to live once you move past the fear of resistance.

So – Hey, we have an idea about what future spaces we need, and want, and we’re creating them through a new venture called ‘the depot_’, a fusion of art, work, books, talks, workshops, bites and brews; a place to inspire and be inspired; an emporium of delights to lift the soul and embrace new freedoms and thoughts and move forward to the next actions – to make more change.

It’s also, in a way, a homage and a nod to three great changemakers we have lost this year, Sir Ken Robinson, Sir Terence Conran and Florian Schneider – pioneers who had a vision across education, food, culture, music, technology; breaking down barriers and fusing old and new ideas which move us forward and create better systems to replace the ones which are failing us.

So we’re overcoming resistance, committing and doing it. And guess what, to quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

It’s happening, we’re conspiring, and we hope you come join us at the depot_.